Defending Criminal Charges

Yossi is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer – his practice is dedicated exclusively to Criminal Law. The bulk of his Criminal Defense practice is in the Toronto Criminal Courts but he also regularly appears in various Criminal Courts throughout Ontario. Yossi defends ALL criminal charges. The following is a sampling:

DUI / Impaired – Drunk Driving / Over 80 / Dangerous Driving

As a Toronto Criminal Lawyer with a very busy practice, Yossi has successfully defended numerous clients charged with DUI / Impaired – Drink Driving / Over 80. He has appeared in all the Toronto courts and in many other courts throughout Ontario. Yossi has a very high success rate, including getting some of these criminal charges Withdrawn or reduced to a Traffic Ticket.

Each case is very fact specific and required a thorough examination of the evidence and particulars of the charge before assessing the proper approach. It is in the client’s best interest to contact Yossi as soon as possible after his arrest. Hiring Yossi as early as possible after arrest can greatly help the client’s case.

Recent results

In Toronto – charges of Care and Control while Impaired and Over 80 were withdrawn. In Hamilton – criminal charges of Over 80 were replaced with a Traffic Ticket. In Kitchener – charges of Dangerous Driving were dropped after client signed a Peace bond. In Napanee, Ontario – charges of Stunt Driving were won. In St Catharines – charges of Impaired Driving were withdrawn.

As stated, each case is fact specific and results will vary depending on the particulars of each case.

Domestic Violence / Assault

Yossi has represented many clients charged with Assault or Threats of violence against a family member or a domestic partner (spouse or intimate friend) and has achieved a very high rate of success with such cases. Although such cases often end up going to trial, Yossi has managed to get many of them resolved without a trial.

If you or someone you know has been charged, it is important to call Yossi as soon as possible for an appointment to discuss the case and the options available.

Theft / Fraud

Yossi’s extensive knowledge as a Criminal Lawyer and experience with such charges has helped many clients charged with Theft, Fraud, Breach of Trust and other property related offences.

Anyone charged with Theft or Fraud or Mischief is strongly urged to call Yossi as soon as possible to insure that the case is dealt with properly.


Yossi has successfully defended clients charged with a wide range of drug offences. These cases included charges of Importing drugs, manufacturing and cultivating drugs (Grow-Ops), distribution of drugs and organized crime, trafficking and dealing in drugs, possession of drugs, and also fraudulent prescriptions.

Anyone charged with drugs is advised to contact Yossi as soon as possible.