Client Profile: Most of the clients who hire Yossi are “white collar” professionals who are educated and successful. It is the intelligent client who fully appreciates the services provided by Yossi. While the majority of Yossi’s clients are from Toronto and surrounding areas of Newmarket, Oshawa, or Brampton, there is also a significant amount of clients who hire Yossi from various Ontario cities. Many clients are referred to Yossi by former clients while other clients discover Yossi by searching websites that rate lawyers and provide reviews from former clients. Yossi’s clients want the best representation. That is why they come to Yossi. They want someone that they can fully trust. After they hire Yossi, they leave with confidence that they are in good hands. When their case is finished, they refer Yossi to their friends, neighbors, associates and family members.

Clients are impressed with Yossi’s: Knowledge, Experience, Tenacity, Work Quality, Value and Communication.

Knowledge: Yossi is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer that is very well versed in all areas of criminal law. He constantly keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in criminal law and the rules of evidence. He is also very familiar with the procedure in courts throughout Ontario, including, knowing the judges and the Crown attorneys / Prosecutors.

Experience: Each year Yossi represents numerous clients charged with various criminal offences in Toronto and throughout Ontario. In particular, he has extensive experience as a Criminal Lawyer defending charges of DUI / Impaired Driving / Over 80. His practice is dedicated to criminal law and as such he has defended many clients charged with Assault, including Domestic Assault, Drugs, Fraud, Theft and ALL other criminal offences and regulatory offences.

Tenacity: As a Criminal Lawyer, Yossi fights for his clients and gives them the best possible representation on their criminal charges. His clients consistently get the best possible outcome and are pleased with the success which is often better than they expected. He takes charge of the case from start to the winning finish.

Work Quality: Clients have given Yossi glowing reviews for the quality of his work and as a result he has been rated among the Top Lawyers in Ontario, and the highest rated Toronto Criminal Lawyer (as per He is a criminal lawyer who listen, cares and is dedicated to his clients. He comes to court fully prepared and gets the results.

Value: Fees charged are always fair and reasonable. Prices are comparable to other Toronto Criminal Lawyers. Clients appreciate that they are told up-front a “Block Fee” (which is a flat rate) for the services provided. A Contract (“Retainer Agreement”) is always signed. In this contract all the fees are set out very clearly. The client knows exactly what the cost will be. There are never any “surprises”, “extra charges” or additional hidden fees. Yossi provides high quality full legal service without cutting any corners or taking shortcuts. Many lawyers talk and promise – Yossi delivers. The value of the results obtained for the clients speak for themselves.

Communication: Yossi is accessible. The client is given his personal cell phone number which Yossi personally answers. If he cannot answer (such as when he is in court), he returns all Voice Messages as soon as possible. Client are given appointments at the earliest opportunity, often accommodating clients for an evening or Sunday appointment. As a passionate Criminal Lawyer, Yossi explains to the client in very clear language everything they should know about their charge and the court process. Yossi never “sugar coats” the challenges of the case. He is a straight talker, who tells it like it is. At the same time he sets out a plan of action of how he will be dealing with the charges, the range of potential outcome and realistic expectations. Clients are given clarity and confidence without any false promises.